New in my closet

Some new additions to my closet - heels are from Woolworths and the earings from YDE. Nothing like a bit of shopping to put a smile on a girls face. Have a great week everyone!

Biko's first ever lookbook

I'm absolutely in love with Biko jewellery! These pics come from their first ever lookbook. The fashion, the styling = perfection. Tribal elements and outer space was the inspiration. Amazing.

I'm in chocolate heaven...


This great little recipe is taken from Joy of Baking and its seriously one of the best chocolate brownie recipes that I have come across! Try it here. I think you'll agree!

What to drink while you're listening to...


Need a reason to get your drink on? Try out Drinkify, a fun web app that matches whatever you are listening to with a drink.

Enter “Justin Bieber”, and Drinkify will tell you what kind of beat is best enjoyed while listening to the Biebs. In this case, it’s 8 ounces of Red Bull. I tested it out while listening to Florence and the Machine, it recommended a bottle of red wine, while Rihanna's drink involves Red Bull, Tabasco sauce and Lemon Sour. Good match if you ask me!

Try it our here and pray for an early start to happy hour!

Birthday Weekend

Celebrated my 25th Birthday this past weekend. I felt like doing something different, so my friends and I decided to go bowling - guys vs girls! It was really a fun night :)

Here comes the sun

Looks like summer is making itself a bit more comfortable in Durban - what a beautiful day! Such a waste to be cooped up in an office instead of enjoying the sunshine... These colourful images from Here comes the sun are just what I needed on a day like this.

Erin Fetherston

What a busy week it has been! Quick post - Summer 2012 Collection by Erin Fetherston. Love the simplicity of white with a splash of colour. Check out more on her website