my gran: anne colborne


One of my favourite blog discoveries is My Mom, the Style Icon which features vintage photos of stylish mums. This inspired me to share some beautiful photos of my grandmother, Anne Colborne.

In many ways, she has been one of my greatest style influences. She was always dressed well - everything she wore was part of an ensemble, not just a couple of garments thrown together. As you can see, alot of thought went into the entire look, even if she was just popping out to the shop. Everyone who knows her, remembers her great sense of style.

She would always encourage me to sit with my legs crossed (I was quite a tomboy when i was small!), wear pretty dresses and have well groomed nails. She was convinced I would one day be a ballerina because of my long legs! Haha! Of course I never took any of her advice back then but I do now. No I am not a ballerina. But I do put alot of effort into what I look like when I walk out the door every morning... I'd like to think that she's smiling down on me and my fashion choices :) She was really an amazing woman inside and out and is missed dearly.

p.s the little girl in the photo is my mum!

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